Description: little.1, man of constant Zorros
About: Proudly building #thewebwewant at | Technical Futurist & CEO

#linkeddata #semanticweb #solid #emberjs
About: I like it here. XMPP is life.


About: #datamodels #knowledgegraph #openhab #DataGovernance #analytics #confused

#Duolingo Spanish learner, #Wikipedia reader and sometime editor. Amateur sailor, #radio4 listener and other things to. Interested in Economics, History, Family, Political Philiosophy, Technology. Living my life in no particular order. I like trying out #IOT.
About: Autonomiczne centrum społeczne działające w Warszawie na Puławskiej 37.

Aktualności ze strony i okazjonalne reposty rzeczy, które chcieli/chciałybyśmy wam podrzucić.
Pełna lista naszych wydarzeń znajduje się na
About: PodFather
Description: california
Age: 47
Location: California, US
Hometown: Copperopolis


About: dev, ceraunophile, likes: GNU/Linux, free software, decentralization, privacy, Emacs, Python, Delta Chat, anime, manga, rock music.
About: I am a moslem. I am from Indonesia, an author at UbuntuBuzz, teach Free Software, share about GNU and Linux a lot here. You can browse my posts by my pinned posts or my featured hashtags below.
About: Please ask questions here
About: <a rel="me" href="">Admin Solagg</a>
About: A browser developer posting mostly about how free software projects work, and occasionally about climate change.

Though I do enjoy german board games given an opponent.

Pronouns: he/him
About: Lewica - jedyna postępowa siła w polskiej polityce. Jesteśmy różnorodni, ale łączy nas przyszłość. Dlatego wspólnie chcemy budować Polskę jutra.
About: #python beginner | #opensource lover | #fcbarcelona cule | #hiphop connaisseur
About: I'm a computer programmer and #ComputerScience student with a moderate enthusiasm for #FOSS. I like computers, cool #tech, #space, and good #books.

My other account where I act more confident about my gender is @alexandra.

Pronouns: [STAND BY]
Timezone: US Eastern Time
Main project:
Keywords: devopa
About: Old roaming Tom Cat (zwerfkater) but still young at heart. Toots EN, (NL,FR,DE). #DevOpa - interested more in retro tech / culture / aesthetics than new stuff. Also transport and public infrastructure in general (with a UK/European focus)

Welcome to the secret goose shed!

Avatar is a tabby point Siamese cat - header picture is a Stentor FM radio transmitter designed in the Netherlands; popular with small pirate radio broadcasters in late 1980s
About: This account was originally created for a gender experiment as an alt of and seems to be gradually becoming my main.

This account in turn has an alt, @alexandra_lewd, for purposes that should be obvious.
About: Back-end developer from Northern Russia.

I like OpenSource, using Linux (work, hobby and home infrastructure), Windows (games and creativity) and Android.

Sometimes I play FPS games (Rainbow Six: Siege, CoD: WarZone, Apex Legends), sometimes I play guitar.

I can be very annoying and sometimes even rude in some discussions so be prepared.

About: Dedicated Linux user (maybe BSD in the future?), professional musician, sysadmin, and founder of NixNet, a collection of open source and privacy-focused services I make available to anyone for free

This is my more professional account; I'll post about my blog, streams, NixNet announcements, etc. here. If you'd rather interact with me on a more personal level, that account is over on Misskey:

Amolith is the perfect sysadmin: he never sleeps^W^W^W
About: Anarchist news and info from a variety of English sources.
About: Five times a day a random quote from a broad spectrum of anarchist and anarchist related authors.

:anarchismtrans: :goldman: :bookchin: :bakunin: :chomsky: :decleyre: :tolstoy: :proudhon: :makhno: :malatesta: :kropotkin: :graeber:

Do you want to know more about an author or about the context of a quote? Consider a web search. 😉

More questions or requests? Please ask upstream at Don't forget to thank the developer. :anarchoheart3:
About: Appassionato di fotografia, software libero e auto d'epoca, vivo da qualche parte sulle Prealpi :-)
About: Jestem z Wrocławia. Prowadzę Wolną Bibliotekę- anarchistyczną biblioteczkę sąsiedzką. Lubię truskawki i Hiszpanię. Trochę czytam, trochę gram w szachy. Trochę kroję na FNB, od jakiś 15 lat. Chodzę po górach i czasem coś namaluję.
About: I do systems architecture (and sometimes implementation) when not playing with food or getting lost in the woods. Looking to use my powers for good. He/him.
Description: Коммунизм победит! Communism will win!
About: "Убей буржуя и будет твой завод, убей банкира и выеби в рот, убей ростовщика, убей его ногами, убей кулака - Ленин с нами!"
About: Przeciwko totalitaryzmom, rasizmowi i szowinizmowi.
About: ---------- BEGIN BIO ----------
18 y/o hacker.

I love programming, writing and computing in general.

I hate centralized social media platforms and proprietary malware.
---------- END BIO ----------
About: PhD candidate in computational material science. Leftist. Feminist. Green. Open source. Open access. Privacy. Anonymity. Community. Believes that a better world is possible.
Description: A person interested in developing federated social networks as a communication tool for civil society. zap, iplaza
Location: POLAND
About: Egoist, Queer Anarcho-Syndicalist
About: My name is Ayush Sharma. I am a writer and Cloud Systems Architect.

I've worked with startups and enterprises in the IT industry for over a decade, specialising in software development, multi-cloud architectures, DevOps, and SRE.