Keywords: Cats, Coding, nerdy
About: A cat learning to code and co-admin of with @stux. Interests: coding, writing, cooking, music, cats, art, and building furniture. The fedi has also helped me accept that I'm pansexual and genderfluid (or somewhere along those lines).

Favorite music: EDM, jazz, alternative rock, classic rock, drum 'n' bass, opera, classical

Languages: English, Spanish - and learning Portuguese, Catalan, and Esperanto in my free time

#cats #coding #nerdy


About: I'm B. A 30 something trans anarchist girl of German descent living in the shadow of Wyeast.

I do a lot with computers and work on the governance, privacy, and risk side of infosec.

Feel free to request a follow. I screen out no profile/content, potential stalker, or ppl that will likely bore me with tired arguments.

Here for leisure and joy. Will block if I'm not finding that.

#cats #anarchism #trans #scifi #music #antiracist #antiwhiteness #antifascist #anticapitalist #antistate
About: 🇷🇺 Либерал • Атеист • Индивидуалист
🇬🇧 Liberal • Atheist • Individualist

#Russian / #English / #Português
About: 🇷🇺 Либерал • Атеист • Индивидуалист
🇬🇧 Liberal • Atheist • Individualist

#Russian / #English / #Português
Description: Nerd, interested in lot of stuff. Usually posts bilingual and uses categories (deutsch, english)
Age: 51
Location: Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Hometown: Castrop-Rauxel
About: Interested in lots of stuff - in no particular order:  Linux, cooking, photography, boats, baking bread, geocaching, Python, travelling, whatever's interesting. Being owned by two cats. Movie buff.