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Advocate of love ❤️ and freedom :blobcataco:

Does a lot of #cuteposting and mew mew posting. Sometimes lewd posting too, and other stuff. When the planets align, and there is a blue moon, I also get creative and draw. I sometimes do coding and tech stuff too, but for the most part I only post retro stuff.

I have an alt account at

I don't post lewd content at this account anymore. For that, visit

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:discordtrash: Mewnigmatico#9084 (Guild:
:xmpp: or (I'm very rarely online though)

I also operate a hidden service with a web-based BBS, GItea, and an IRC server, for privacy and to avoid censorship. The URL is http://jkvxewwaarq3j3eru3xlkb2fkjalgx4usabg7eurilbska7sasv4ogyd.onion